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15 Days


Estimated Cost Per Serving

Waffle Premix 5.25
Hotdog 6.00
Greaseproof Paper 1.50
Aluminum Tray 0.45
BBQ Stick 0.30
Total 13.50 Pesos


Selling Price 20.00 Pesos
Profit 6.50 Pesos

Return On Investment

Target Servings Sold Per Day 100 Servings
Daily Profit 650 Pesos

Start-up Package

  • Waffledog Maker
  • 1kg Waffle Mix
  • 1 pack Aluminum Tray (50’s)
  • 1 bottle Chocolate Syrup 460g
  • 1 bottle Caramel Syrup 460g

Also available: Belgian Waffle Maker P8,500

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Specialty Fats and Oils

Palm olein, coconut oil, soy oil, canola oil, margarine, butter, whipped cream, and more…

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Mayonnaise, seasonings, marinades, savory glazes, sauces, condiments, breading, batter mixes, and more…