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Soft Serve Ice Cream, 3-in-1 Vendo, Waffledog, French fries, Popcorn, Juice

Soft Serve Ice Cream

3-in-1 VENDO


French Fries

Our Major Products include:

Specialty Fats and Oils

Palm olein, coconut oil, soy oil, canola oil, margarine, butter, whipped cream, and more…

Dessert Ingredients

Ice cream mixes, coating, frostings, chocolate compounds, flavored syrups, dessert fudges, and more…

Bakery Ingredients

Bread and doughnut fillings, flour, cocoa powder, eggs, cake oils, and more…

Culinary Ingredients

Mayonnaise, seasonings, marinades, savory glazes, sauces, condiments, breading, batter mixes, and more…